Firsts are Fantastic

So world Welcome to my first blog ever! yay!! never thought i’d remotely consider blogging but hey there’s a first for everything. Tons happening to me and all around me cant wait to get this blogging thing underway, i’m super excited.
i guess this blog thing is infectious not that i’m complaining, I’ve been following a certain someone’s blog for like two days and I’ve read all yep all of this persons blogs. i aint physco , if a blog is good its good. no need for hater!

as this is my first blog, its all about Firsts. we all have we all love them now lets enjoy reading and sharing about them. I’ll start, Summer’s here, its time to get our seductive swim suits out, lay out on our lawns like we are on the beach and get tanning(for those of us who can). its my first summer after college, in a foreign country, doing nothing in particular. lots of expectations but its quite obvious a few things are gonna be daily highlights: the lawn parties, excessive drinking, doing dumb things after drinking, taking videos so you laugh at the things you did when you we drank etc etc…the typical college summer life,….i think.
taling about college…confesions confessions! college kinda gets you all open and social so try new things and by new things i mean very very new things. lol. Hilarious events when you look back though….to be expounded in later blogs. lol. so keep track to get every stinky, blackmailing, hilarious detail. as for now, im out, ready to get riske with sun, fun and friends….not forgetting those fantastic firsts.

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