2nd day blogging and my life continues with its unravelling discoveries. i caught up with an old pal today and buried a very long overdrawn hutch but its all good now, feeling all kinds of good about it. going back to the discovery for today aparantely, im not the only mentally excusable being out there. so during this conversation with an old pal a new word is created or revived  or just altered….Bleh. im still trying to figure out how to use it but um having tons of fun applying it anywhere and everywhere.

for example:

it was soo Bleh not talking to you…

i feel so Bleh 

i think i …(fill in the blank) you…yep you guessed it bleh is the missing word. lol

so enough wih this bleh nonsense its getting me all bleh…lol.i have too much fun in my mind

another new discovery to me- seeing that im tube-light slow is the word… fruity…a  word that would get me thinking about some yummy dessert looking thing, but according to Urban dictionary i would be very mistaken to link it with with food. ill let you go google that and find it out for yourself if you as slow as i am, if not you already know. lol…rofl…

you know how you listen to some songs and think “how cute”, “awww i wish my BF dedicated to that to me”, “oh id totally die”.. etc etc you all know those girlish thoughts,well, think again. i was awwing and ahhing at a sing by Gyptian called Hold Yuh,,,that is untill i heard the lyrics….they were not at all romantic be wary about listening to such around your parents, the lyrics might make their hair stand. another song is P-Squares Temptation…does 

All my friends dey call me numba ten,
Cus I dey play like Okocha,
Dey score like Ronaldinho,
Honey be good, no start
weytin wey you no go fit
to finish,

how romatic eh lol Epic Fail!(unless talking dirty is your thing lol jus joking) and the video gives a priceless effect,,,so there i was feeling this song, just to discover its all sexually oriented and about cheating. now im all cautious about song dedications and being a hopeless romantic, what happened to the good old love songs. tsk tsk. with that im out. 

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