For every Credit, there is a Debit

First Rule of Accounting: For every Credit there is a Debit. (lol no im not that obsessie about the corporate world …that would be rather syko lol(pardon my recklessness with words if you will)) anyway back on track, i didnt just randomly bring up this accounting stuff, theres a very important lesson to be learnt here and i think its worth a mention.

All around its recklessly thrown around that karma exists, do unto another what you want done to you and all those very wise but cliche quotes, but one that i have come to personally treasure and respect is this accounting rule. to some extent i agree that karma bites back and that the golden rule should be taught and drilled to kids while they are young and through their teenage to adult life’s(heck that’s first on my list in like 10 or so years when parenthood showcases) but what makes this accounting rule stand out is that its realistic, it can be applied to literally all if not most situations and works for everyone(yep from the half-empty pessimists to the good ol’ half-full optimists).

With the few years i’ve experienced life(dont ask i’m rather young but numbers are just numbers right …..(you better be agreeing with me on that on …just joking)) so asi was saying, with the little significant experience i’ve had iv learnt that in many situations that we go through alot more happens after…you guessed it both good and bad,(umm….so this might be one of them emotional sorry…..getting in touch with my feminine side blog) yeah at times things seem really rough and they are(believe me i know how dramatic it can feel….like it can give the real soap operas serious competition and win lol…{just alittle humour to lighten the mood….admit it lifes better taken in with a smile} but it gets better until your ready to deal with heavier stuff and i guess the worse it gets the better it gets too, and the cycle continues(i guess that’s why they call it cycle of life) i know to some of you it might seem like i’m just stating the obvious or telling you what you want to hear (i love to uplift people but reality is very important…especially when age stops being just a number and drags along experience with it…not that that’s a bad thing)so instead of just giving out sweet cute things, ill back it up with examples ans the next time your down consider this and start looking pretty for the fun times cause they are coming, and if your sitting out there feeling on top of the word reconsider cause yep that pride will definitely trips you to that hard fall back to reality.

Remember that time when you were younger and you fell and it felt like that was the most painful moment of your life? now consider that time when you wanted that bicycle or doll or (whatever you were into) and your parents said no, that felt even worse….then… as years went by and you became that hunk or pretty girl and liked that those other pretty people and your friend lied to you or told rumours about you or stole you boyfriend or girlfriend(gosh like we even know what those things really were then lol kinda funny when you look  at it now) and skip right up to the time when you couldnt get o the college you wanted or your boy/girlfriend whom you loved( or thought you did) played you, when you lost your bestests bff’s,,,,and it was een worse when you faced the death of a frined or loved one or saw your parents go through a divorce after — years(that two digit number that you even wonder if you’ll reach as an age)….and it only gets worse(i know rather depressing) but wait….yep it gets as good as does bad….

like that time when yu were a kid and you learnt to write the alphabet and numbers(the whole alphabet now that was biggie lol) then came the time you learnt to ride a bicycle(without the trainer wheels)…then that time when you got to see pg 13 rated movies and hang out with the grown ups, or that time you got some money or gifts for passing really well, what about that time you had the best friends ever or that time when you got permission to stay out late and go to trips with your friends(now that was some trust and freedom right there lol) then that time you absolutely fell for that guy/girl and they likd you back and did anything or everything for you…or een the time you invented a really cool device or became miss (fill in the blank..hey i cant coer all the scenarios) the the time you got into your dream college and got to go far far away with your friends, the time you fell in love(for real lol yep the kin that Waits{now thats very important})…and gets much much better.(yay now im feeling all bubbly and warm inside ^-^)

so at this point i think i’ve fully stretched my point( and this blog ;/ hope that you’ll enjoy it though…cause its especially for you yes you and you and i’ll leave you with a little humour to illustrate my point.

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