Let the awwing begin. Originality & My Pride, My Love….Africa.

There  those songs that just capture your attention and you instantly like them, sadly,at times there in a language you cannot speak(cannot even  name at times). You can relate to the need to find out the lyrics and actually find out what these amazing love songs are all about. Well, at times it can be rather tiring cause most cannot be translated directly as they were created in that language(yep that unknown or incomprehensible language). worry no more. I was listening to random songs and ended up listening to a song i have loved for years since i was a kid actually, if your from Kenya or Africa you’ll remember it being played on Chanel O a lot. The song is by Ringo and its called Sondela,honestly its such a love song even without knowing the lyrics–considering i was awwing and ohhing for years and just find out the meaning of the lyrics today, thats how you know a good song it need not be expressed by comprehensible words -it can stand alone. So after the usual awwing, proclamation of it being my wedding song i made a point of finding out the lyrics….and sharing it with you all.

Sondela sthandwa sondela — Come closer, my love,Come closer
Nal’uthando lwami lugqine lonke — here’s my love, keep it all
Thath’uthando lwami Umqimb’uqalanye — Take all my love

Ehh yami ndendwa ehh yami — She is mine and mine alone
Ohh ndiyayithanda lentombi — I love this woman
Amehlo ayo ayandibulala — Her eyes are a killer
Ohh ndiyayithanda lentombi — Oh I love this woman
Sondela — Come Closer

Ngeke ndikuphoxe — I wont ever hurt you
Hee ntandwa yami — Love of mine
Ukuthula sthandwa sam’ — We’ll have peace my love
Ngohlala ndingowakho ohh — I will stay by your side
Kude kude kuyovalwa — Until the very end.

Credit for the translation goes to a certain Swazibella with the help of Museke.com. I’m still amazed and impressed at how Africa is coming up..(mad props) its with the help of such translators and Africans with pride for their Motherland that Africa and reach indescribable heights, plus the good music, massive talent and originality continues to push Africa to the limelight where its success, achievement and progress can be acknowledged.(gosh i love patriotism, i suggest we all embrace it otherwise how else will we continue the progress made by Africa or for the skeptics and haters, maybe its a start for Africa to begin progress and achievement through originality and creativity.)

To upcoming African artists, musicians,lyricists etc continue the good work, never be discouraged and always be Original.

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