Here i  am feeling all bubbly inside, too excited to actually take in the recent happenings.(lol) funny story i always think that if something really good happens, someone somewhere will pop up and tell me its a GOOF…like in that movie Ten(hilarious by the way, go watch it you’ll laugh your head off).

I know your wondering why the excitement,well, someone(guess who…..yep ME)got onto to the Deans List(yay!!!!!! ululations… oops i can get ahead of myself at times) anyway, so Deans List is a pretty special thing, you don’t get a gift or anything but you do get recognized..kind of–actually your name just  gets puts down somewhere,it could be on the school website, departments website, or on your own personal certificate(…i dint think colleges actually give certificates,it kinda reminded me of high school but don’t be making fun of me….just joking) so why the excitement you must wonder, well in my case its kind of like a big deal,considering the events that surrounded the semester– yes the whole semester.(i may have joked around a little…actually a heck of a lot) so amidst my joking around and being occupied with a lot of things i may have be more of a joker don’t get it wrong though school was on the top list of my priorities. moving along swiftly,by the time it was finals week i was exhausted, weary very very lazy, homesick…i don’t even know how i felt all these things at once but i did….and finals came and i panicked after finishing them….weird i know don’t even ask.and panic mode continued and i planned out my explanation of why my grades would be less that satisfying and all that good responsible stuff parents like to hear. D-day comes and grades are out I’ beyond freaking out here, I’m in the all the whatever mood, then there it was SHOCKER! My jaw did not drop for awhile…lets just say if they were flies here they would have enjoyed a new environment….lol. Following my weird habit I waited for the information to be updated just to make sure it was not a goof…and it wasn’t…phew I would have been heart broken and preparing for a tongue lashing from my parents..not so funny!!  so now i can go home happy, awating gifts or something for not only getting onto the Deans List but getting a scholarship and being invited to the Honour college(ooohhh Invitation sounds better than accepted into) . Plus I’m giving the Praise back to the Most High cause honestly if it wasn’t Him I don’t even want to know what would be coming my way.

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