Human Curiosity

I have been doing a recent observation, nothing intense just a by the way kind of thing. The focus of my observation (wait for it)….Selectivity and its effect on Popularity and the role of Human Curiosity in this mix.

My theory hypothesis rather: considering that a theory is a proven hypothesis and my observation is yet to be fully tested and generalized, so back to the hypothesis. From my hypothesis i found that the more selective a person is, the more popular they are all thanks to human curiosity. If your as slow as me…as i used to be i mean lol. I’ll spell it out for you. See, as humans we like mystery.., we like new things, we like fresh meat…(if you know what i mean wink wink) thats why we are attracted  to the eloquent, one-liner types(ladies you get me)…apparently, it can go as far as the less we know about someone the more we want to talk to them and so on and so forth(you catch my drift) and that also explains boredom…we try to avoid it like it will physically attack us and cause immeasurable harm. People are always looking for new ideas, invention as opposed to innovation, meeting new people, unpredictable opposites etc.

Some dispute this but consider the people in your life, the live of the party types they are the ones that are unpredictable, always come in up with new crazy stuff, know how to limit information to the necessary and acceptable, they give just enough to keep people listening and not too much to get the shut up mumbles and murmurs.

Now lets skip to a larger context, like individuals that remain in the public eye, i’ll use a figure we are all familiar with….Obama yes we all know him, some hate him some love him some could not be bothered. Nonetheless,he makes some impression and the thing that sets him apart is the way he interacts with people, hes…Diverse…one comedian described him as Black enough to b ***h  slap you but White enough to look at you like it never happened(excuse my inability to swear yeah i’m soft like that but you get what i mean) hes got that balance, he keeps you guessing which brings us back to human curiosity and popularity and its twin- selectivity. I  mean you can even apply it in terms of speech the more selective the more popular. Take musicians/comedians/poets/blogger(yeah you all kinda count) the ones that stand out are the ones that come up with new ways of saying/doing things in a way that attracts masses but limits to the targeted fans.

Its just a hypothesis but feel free to test it, dispute it, object or concur,I dare you!

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