Talk sense or outdo.

There are a select groups of people out there who really get me hot and bothered.They can’t really be given a label but here’s a broad description.

They are the kind of people that will hate just because. Now that’s really ticking off, cause some people have guts enough to go out into the world and do something,in their various areas of expertise, they try to influence the world in one way or another then you’ve got these other group that’s going to intentionally dislike, hate, trash talk, put down, negate such efforts. Honestly…people if you think you got guts enough to hate back up your view, provide constructive criticism, make your mark, get your voice heard, at least have nerve enough to do that much.

Classic example: X comes up with an idea,works on it and develops the idea, X goes to  Y with the Idea, now Y trash talks, looks down, bleh bleh(you know the trend) X moves to Z with the idea,Z is impartial, provides constructive criticisms and further improves the idea,X goes out in the world and the idea benefits generation 1,2,3 people love it,learn from it and live it….now this example can be applied in many situations and the problem of trash talking and hating is that it creates bad image(in most situations for nothing,being vindictive is a very low form of cowardice) when all it is is like saying urg,or yuck to something its just a personal view until you back it up. So next time you go talking bad either get the nerve to talk sense or do something better if your courageous enough to trash talk.

Now within this rather irritant group lies a subgroup, these are the kind of people who will go around into business that is completely irrelevant to them and then go as far as trash talk about that situation. My major problem with this is, these situations are sensitive(seeing that there’s a reason they are not involved in these situations in the first place), yo if your out there grow up and be sure that when you go digging in and adding pepper and so on and so forth in other peoples already sensitive situation, someone will await your moment of weakness and take full advantage of it to teach you a lesson. Be humane people cause life is like a circle and you never know what tangent you might find yourself on.

p.s i know this is one of the few rants i have but these issues are close to my heart, i have this thing about justice and fairness and doing my part in that area.

im out!!

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