Reform or Reverse.

Constitution reform has been a long overdue, heavily debated matter, but most will agree that the process it self it an absolute necessity in order for any country to grow and develop politically, economically and socially. While many disagree on the contents of the constitution, and  amendments to be made which is to expected, others disagree to the whole process of any changes  to be made to the Constitution. This resistance to change is understandable, after all we are human, inclined to be comfortable in the same situation, change represents unknown circumstances and as long as we are not guaranteed that the change will be for the better, we will be reluctant to embrace any change even those that are necessary. Nonetheless, resistance to change with regard to the Constitution is puzzling and raises questions as to the reasons behind the resistance: which may have little to do with the actual contents of the Constitution. It is healthy and encouraged for people to disagree about the contents of the Constitution, in fact most of the focus on the matter of Constitution reform should be based on the contents of the constitution since it is the amendments: be it additions or removal of content that will have impact on all other areas. It is the content matter within the constitution that improves or worsens quality of life, availability of opportunities, policies to govern various areas of the country etc Therefore, lets look closely into the Constitution, consider it thoroughly, find out its promised benefits, and wage them over the costly attachments and then establish a position, you need not heavily research it or analyze its every detail to know whether its a good deal or its just a mask of hidden agendas to benefit an elite few: but if Constitution reform is something of special importance to you i don’t discourage you to dive into it, all i ask is that as citizens of our beloved country let us educate ourselves on matters that will inevitably affect our lives so that we can have a part to play in the betterment of our nation. If we are informed we have a better chance of voting wisely and beginning the implementation of better, fairer policies, this is not to say that the country will instantly eradicate evils like corruption, greed, poverty,dependency, and tribalism but gradually our country will respond to this problems as a rational, intelligent and informed people which will see the reduction, and eventually the elimination of such root deep issues, and it is only then that our country can achieve healthy and steady economic growth, mature independent politics and a fair and just society. However, if we continue to discourage any change in our society, if we blindly negate action towards improvements due to self interest and greed, if we follow politicians who are fulfilled, content and happy to eat away at any development and growth for their own benefit at the expense of a whole nation, if we allow ourselves to be easily be incited to violence and agree to trash any knowledge or information we are letting our nation stagnate, how can a nation that is constantly experiencing social change be governed by laws and policies that is 40 years older than its society? as a society we have outgrown such laws and policies,after all, the Constitution is the law of the land and if outgrow that and continue to change as the constitution remains the same, are we really governed by any laws? I’ll let you be the judge of that the next time you pick your side in the Constitution debate.

    • daniel
    • May 23rd, 2010

    well put.. those that oppose or support change without any valid reason why it will or will not be beneficial do so with their own selfish motives. Those against it should give reason for their opposition and refrain from resisting change that could well be the change that we need to move forward as a nation.

  1. …im pro-katiba… what disturbs me is guys trying to push their “facts” down our throat. that kadhi court issue and abortion cannot be the cause of us failing to get a new document. the constitution has more good in it than any previous attempt. lovely writing.

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