Hustle and bustle of Summer settling.

Lassies and Lads,welcome back to my temporary inactive blog,its back!(im tempted to say bigger and better but lets save the clichés for those that need them) its going to be more active and updated that i can assure. I hate to explain myself but its only proper for me to. I have been having issues with finding wordpress mobile…hehehe (dont laugh at me,i just came back home and i’m experiecing a bit of what people refer to as ‘culture shock’ translation: stato made me soft and backwards,but i’ll reserve that for another post) so its been a couple of days of trying to google ‘the how and where’ of geting wordpress mobile but thank God i found it today.(see what going to church can do;yep opens your eyes indeed, by the way i mean that in more ways than one,today has opened my eyes to alot and the credit goes back to the Most High{moral of the side track,go to church as much as possible}) so as i mentioned i just got back home happy happy super excited for the summer but its been a rather eventful settling back for summer,the 5 flights( yeah 5 no mistake or typo i know my numbers lol) flew by(hehehe i love such effects,english can be fun{this is one of those having fun in my head moments: excuse me})suprisingly they went by pretty fast and i was home in a breeze.
Day 1 of my holiday back home and things are haywire left right and centre from inability to cross the road(hehehe see where the softness begins revealing itself) to being deceived for 20 bob{i cant even express my view to that situation adequately,however i hope that 20 bob was worth the effort to deceive},i’m already missing my second home Kzoo(thats short for kalamazoo) and the weather is all sucky(imagine after running back home in expectation of good weather tsk tsk) other than that things are looking up,positive energy all around,ready to begin my hunt for the summer(eh dont let your minds wonder)and finding things to fill my schedule.
411; project modeling soon to begin more on this in upcoming blogs. For now,let the temporarx suspense take over.

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