Its all in the mind…or is it really?

With irregular sleeping patterns wholly due to time zone changes,mornings have become my thing,fortunately(on sunny days atleast) this offers me a longer day to get out and about. The down side is having limited ‘ out and abouts’ so i got to fill my time somehow. Today was stolen away by series(thankfully…that is until kplc decided switching off electricity was very amusing,atleast thats my theory as to the akward light on,light off blackouts.they must’ve been bored sooner rather than later today so series took over.) so i was pretty hooked onto Lost,i was glued to the screen until it occured to me that it messes with your mind…ok even abit abit(to be honest,4me it was way more that abit lol,nicheke tu) so it gets me thinking about time travel,philosophy(yeah that deep stuff ebu dnt smirk yet,it can be interesting) so i google it here and there and apparently theres a very limited,far fetched probability(data went all scientic on me eh,lets leave that area for those blessed physicists;i’ll stick to my analytic self{yey}) so i start joining dots with my affected sleep patterns, rapid time zones changes etc and i link it to time displacement(time travel),the velocity required and those physicist theories(if this is your area,feel free to step in makmende styles) then i wondered to more explainable theories such as deja vΓΊ’s,self proclaimed prophesies etc. After much freaking out lol i realised its all in the mind…somehow,but what about the physical evidence of energy,magnetic effects etc. So i shifted to philosophy(physics arch enemy hehehe) and after much consideration,wager i decided solipsism maybe viable afterall.(funny story abt that shorty). Solipsism is basically the view that you cant say for sure that other thngs exist(the lawyer in me is thinking,these philosophers were going way over board with reasonalable doubt) other thngs being anythng thats not you(see what i mean psykoness,being skeptic about everything) solipsism concludes that i{fill in name}(ok i miss primo fill in the gaps i admit lol) think,therefore i am,everything else who knows. Now i realise this theory is thoroughly flawed but after a whole day of Lost and its mind games,tis the only way i can sleep bila freaking out about waking up in the past or present(but hey theres a kapast moment there i wouldnt mind reliving{day dreams}.Enough with the dilly dalling. Sweet sleep.

  1. haha…sasa wewe…are you the time traveller’s wife or what..iv built a time machine and iv traveled back into time and spotted your blog. im from the year 4003 where blogs are so old interesting blog.

  2. Hahahaha time travelers wife! I guess i thank time travel. Glad you enjoyed reading it.
    P.s. Continue the time travel it has a good effect… lol.

    • admblind
    • June 2nd, 2010

    Cogito ergo sum πŸ™‚ i think therefore i am. With this point of view in mind then you’re in control of your entire universe so time travel and prophesies are just part of your consciousness. Loving this blog πŸ™‚ YOU…WILL BE BLOGROLLED 8) ttyl 8)

    • admblind
    • June 2nd, 2010

    Do i use that many smileys? Wow

    • The smileys are very appreciated. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh em Gee! Someone somewhere knows what i’m on out…phew! πŸ™‚
    insipirations breeds inspiration,*tips off hat* Thank you.

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