Its just a circle;fret not

Experience and maturity are two very close complements as i’ve come to learn.(now dont expect any long narration that brought up this;its the lesson that counts) i realised some times people tell their stories for the stated purpose of ‘sharing experiences’ and the repeated naive reasoning of people learning from other peoples experiences(i used to be a believer in this hehehe it dont work,sadly) {dont be shuning me already} i can understand the motivation of such reasoning and the exceptional cases where it works;and i respect this view, but to be painfully honest,it seldom succeeds,in as much as we get some lessons from such stories,at the end of the day your stil ‘wah,i cant believe she did that’,’imagine what people think of him'(etc u know the rumourmongers{hehehe i remember in high school when we use to use this word when talking nonsense in class,twas hilarious(a little diversion to lighten the mood if you were im braeside you’l crack up about that,anyhow back to the focal point of this post) as i was saying people get lost in the happenings which chokes out the moral of the story,so i’ll do things differently and skip to the moral of the story. The past repeats itsself,variables change yes but the constant remains (hehehe smart inventors of language constant) so at times we find ourselves in a merry go round if i can use that example(excuse the shody example,its the best i could relate to easily) variables like situations(some) and people change like the people who ride on but the machine takes the same rounds,at times it breaks down abit,tends to bend to one side but it always goes round no matter in what direction(sounds depresin i knw,yank a smile from your pocket its not that bad 😉 ) but what makes a difference is knowing when to get off the ride,avoiding it sounds perfect but due to that little consistent bug of curiosity we always want to jump on to the ride and experience it for own self,we want to have that qualia(where i’m i going with this, gues? Ok i’ll tell u ) Experience away and know/learn your limits.

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