Hint,hint and away….Life Ni Fiti :*

Todays blog is very unique,informational and positively persuasive.
Date: 4th to 6th of the Sixth Month of the 2010th Year.
Venue: Home of Rugby(hints are getting rather obvious huh?)
Event:Rugby(but we know there are events within events for some atleast:take it easy on the bottles as for me its all about the game:bambikain na bamboocha =) )
Public Advisory: be there to catch the entertainment–all the entertainment.
P.s. Miss you*. Dedix: Lady Antebellum-Need you now.(hehehe thats me laughn at myself,who knew i’d start feeling dedications could be used freely,uwi,heres some of that softness i talked about before,dont laugh too hard at me softyness maybe contegious ^-^.)
*Disclaimer:applicable to one individual,feel free to feel very special and have those warm fuzzy feelings.(just using such words make me feel all kinds of good,it is my hope all people get a qualia of such)
Pole Pizza and Sorry Soda is one of the best meals served. :*
Catch me on the flipside.

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