Project Modeling is kicking off to a great start with my first shoot yay! :D. Wow. I had no idea it could be soo exhausting.
It is actually kind of like a job. You got to put in the time,the effort,preparation is of high importance,punctuality matters too, and i guess you have to want it,the drive to do it(even in dull rainy weather :/ see we froze). I always thought us short people (petite i mean) had no place in the industry i was wrong (thankfully),the industry is expanding and ever changing,opening up more opportunities but dont it wrong,one has to put in the effort and do what it takes,shoots dont come handed to you(unless you deserve it that is) for most people you have to take it with out most seriousness.
Although,you meet all these hot women and men(uwi hyperventilation and confusion lol had you seen the eyeballing taking place you’d have cracked your ribs laughing)competing,you share moments(funny,intense,tiring,akward moments etc) as you work together and its not the cut throat compe one always hears of or perceives. Its fulfiling and ca ching….you cash alittle something here and there.
Cant wait for the next shoot in a couple of days.
P.s first post that was more than alittle bit of me. Lol.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

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