Short story about two solipsists.

Here the short funny story about solipsism i promised.(refer to ‘its all in the mind…or is it really?’ post)
Just to make sure your on track, Solipsism is the view that only you exist it goes something like this:
‘i think,therefore I am’. (quick recap…lol. Hehehe effect of watching too many series,pardon me). It is a view that developed back in Descartes’ time. Descartes was trying to find out which beliefs of his were true and which were false,so he sat down and decided to doubt everything,he started with his senses,Descartes concluded that since his senses could deceive them he could not trust anything he saw,smelt,heard,tasted etc,eventually he ruled out logic,and science…and the was nothing left,so he was skeptically about everything,(he realised he was going pysko hehehe) so he decided to build up beliefs from scratch,and he began with the most basic belief…. Cogito ergo sum{in english pls? Lol} ‘I think,therefore I am.’ there you have it,so it was an ideology that was taken up and named Solipsism.
Now a very smart(ok lets ae honest not very smart) man i think a German leader (feeling like he had Arrived hehehe) takds up the view and claims to be a Solipsist. So he writds a letter to a friend and describes this new ideology and hows hes the only person in the world who exists.(rofl really? See just how ‘smart’ he is.) then his friend being just as smart(a solipsist too) replies the letter,reiterating the thoughts of his friend.
Indeed stupidity has no bounds.
Suns out! Yay! Have a good one y’all.

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