Confidence is the key.

I’d like to digress just alittle as i begin. Lol. When i began this blog the intention was to write for the audience:to provide inspiration, humour, knowledge, encouragement, resilience, hope and faith to all, i steered away from this purpose,sadly,but thats all behind(literally those posts are in the past even the chronological order of this page). What brings this on, well the posts began to be more ‘me’ oriented (not bad) but that is beyond the scope and focus on this blog.
So…lets get to it. CONFIDENCE. This a very special term; it is essential but can be misconstrued and lead to erratic results(i’m sure you’ve heard of its evil twin goes by the name Cocky). See confidence is belief in your abilities, strengths and skills within boundaries eg that you also have weaknesses,vices and errors. When one has confidence in say an idea then they will use the aforemention qualities to a successful end, just to further divulge into this,they wont let obstacles, diversion, downers(remember them?) keep them from the goal they are trying to achieve,whatever it is, it keeps your eyes on the prize. Confidence is a strange thing i tell you even if you know your limited in abilities it can take you that extra sec/mile to where you want to be. Test it you’ll love it.
Now to the evil twin Cocky,this is way above confidence to heights close to solipsism(lol ring a bell?) with Cockyness one loses sight of whats ahead, they fail to consider the bumbs that are necessary to slow one down at times(bumps sucky but they bring balance) and this obvisiouly leads to an epil fail( a huge bump in itself eh).
P.s in this current times, Confidence is an accesory you’ll want to carry around,people notice it, people will like it.

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