World Cup.

World cup is a beautiful thing,for many obvious reasons(the soccer lovers are nodding their heads now i bet) its exhilarating to watch, there’s a vast display of skill and tact, it satisfies ‘soccer hunger’. World cup is an awesome thing for another reason altogether though,it starts with a u(no pun intended(hehehe id love to hear the guesses)…unity! World cup is the single event where the whole world can come together and its all about the game! There’s no rich or poor, no social class, no age boundary, no 1st,2nd,3rd,4th world classification, no racial profiling,i mean when else can you see such unity,such impartiality. Its all about the game and how its played. There is no talk of how awful it is that the world cup is in africa. When else can you see the world coming together in an African country willingly and in good faith? Of course sports does the same effect but soccer is different its any mans or womans game. It only lasts a month and this phenomena only occurs every four years. Definetly something.

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