What is real or really fake?

Counterfeity. Money is a value item as are many other intangible things in life. In matters of the economy money is the centre in which many other things revolve,as can be likened other non financial matters. Its scarce, its acceptable and most importantly its non counterfeity at least money with value is suppose to be:without this unique nature its value is lessened. It follows that those who hold economic matters with regard are well aware of the value of money hence also its counterfeit nature. They put efforts to discern that the money they handle is real. There’s a misconception of how it is ensured that the notes passed from one hand to another are real and not a really fake replicas. Many assume that one has to know which notes are fake, to the contrary. In order to accurately differentiate the real from the fake one has to know what is real,such that anything else is fake. The danger of applying the misconception is that one can be fooled because fake is relative and broad,there are many forms of counterfeit and such is with other matters closer to heart.
To truly know what love, friendship, loyalty those that deserve such title one has to know what they are: not what they are not, so that even in deception, betrayal and pretence one can discern between what is real and what is really fake.

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