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2010… Is THE year. Big things taken over by Bigger things and as John Legend once eloquently expressed Each Day Gets Better! Indeed. Alot happening in perfect timing,sometimes you just wana slow down and make sure its not all a dream. These are moments where reality cannot be matched with dreams:it surpasses any dream ever had,ah when reality is better than any dream. šŸ˜€ happyness beyond any ever known. When all you wana do is care and love,and support and spread good cheer to all even those less deserving. Even when then the silver lining emerges all you can is be content,because the fact that you ever had such moments is more satisfying than trying to prolong such moments. India. Arie knew what she was talking about when she sang Truth.
Word for Today; Savour The Moments that take your breathe away, moments that spring forth hope, moments that lighten and brighten the Soul. “There’s a blessing in every Lesson,and i’m glad that i know the Truth at all.” Be blessed,be brilliant, be Happy!

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