Up or Down. Same difference.

Silly illusion that to get ahead you have to pull down everyone on the way to the top. Getting rid of competition to get up isnt success. Ohh,this got me hot and bothered now! As if one’s success limits everyone else’s Seriously?! Its the 21st century and people live savagely as if the stoneage just began. Coniving, calculating, pretence have become adjectives or rather ‘qualities’ to achieve success. Lets be serious! When did anyones prosperity reduce yours or mines?! Unless hard work wasn’t the route to yours. Theres enough success, happiness, prosperity and all things nice to go around,have you not heard of 1+1=3 in a simpler word term synergy! Arg!! Competitions are in plenty but success ought not to be one. What of wealth and social class?? Just because your on top doesnot mean its yours to keep. At the end of the day its just money,and if you let it cloud your judgement of people or be standard by which you classify people then you have foolishly become its slave! Today you have it tomorrow you need it and eventually you die without it. Your up today,how about tomorrow,the person you stepped on to get it maynot be as kind to you. Up or Down,its the same difference. Better have something better to define yourself with,when your not up anymore you maynot be anything.

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