Apologies? You need it, we’ve got! All under one roof.

“Your apologies mean nothing unless they are said infront of the nation.” Tag line that one radio station saw fit to mention proudly. And we thought it was bad when love become a commercialized good now apologies have become marketable. Everything now seems to be marketable and can easily be labelled by a monetary value. It began with Love,the soap operas, valentine day, dating shows then stealthily widened the market to relationships,looking for a lost bff? high school sweetheart? relative?we can find them for just (insert amount here) {dont forget the Only part,makes it seem that much cheaper}, now theres Dr Love, Hitched or Ditched(thats a show that rushes the wedding day {yes that sacred day you wait for years to make those vows to the One,what are vows anyway if you can put a price on love} within 4days or…. Not thats where the ditched part comes in) and oh the latest Apologies. Whats next Swagg. That Nakumatt slogan is going to become very useful the way things are going. The wonders of this world never end. C.

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