Full on Food! (Pun intended)

Oh my! *breathe taken away* who knew food could have this effect? The world of food is an adventure i’d gladly get lost in! Be it sweet or savoury,a single ingredient can transform a meal to more of a tasteful experience to be explored patiently and delicately. The possibilities are endless…same ingredients,different cooking methods and even when you’ve exhausted the combinations,theres always something new to try. Its like technology only tastier and it never gets outdated. And you thought the only thing you could do with eggs in a pan over heat was fry them,until you discover delightful chocolate brownies can result. Oh remember the simple hot chocolate of milk and packaged drinking chocolate,well it could be transformed into a creamy,chocolately insanely decadent discovery with cinamon,real dark chocolate, vanilla essense and honey. Simple hot chocolate? Not so much. The secret to the creamy consistency is in the chocolate. *wink wink* and these are just basics. Its a whole experience,from the look to the taste: you wish to savour and crave days later. Sometimes it looks so good you’d hate to ruin it by digging and indulging but the urge takes over. Ah food. An art in itself,the flavours:never ending, learning to obtain just enough from strong ones and balance it out to complement more plain ingredients. Some are just so delicate you’d hate to overpower them. So its like mathematics,you got to get it right and there many ways to get there,yes it goes wrong at times, eyk! then you twik the recipe make it your own and Voila! Could easily go wrong but when it goes right nothing can subtitute it. Indeed never come between a man and his food. *wink its not a fluks that we need to eat 3times a day and it never gets old.

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