Excuses, excuses. Remember how in school…mostly primary you had an excuse for not doing homework, or forgetting your book or abusing some etc etc then the Teacher would always say” don’t make excuses” and if you went through 8-4-4  a beating would follow to ensure you never repeat that mistake.. heheheeh kinda funny but here’s my point, we make excuses when we don’t want to be accountable for something…its human nature no one ( i know) will gladly jump to accusations and out rightly admit there misgivings at least not immediately.

I’ll divert abit. You know when your with someone or you like or crush on someone and they do things to hurt you or embarrass you and you make excuses for them no matter how clear it is that they did it knowingly and intentionally.( there’s a catch to this…hold your horses).

There’s this huge decade long debate about freewill and determinism. The proponents of Freewill insist that as humans we have freewill: we can rationally choose between options, knowingly and without coercion. So it follows that we are then responsible for our actions. Opponents of this( those for determinism) would argue that our actions are determined by nature: how we are designed, our genes, personality, socialization etc hence, we cannot control our actions and so cannot be held responsible for what we do. ( see where i was going with the two examples above). so the question that still lingers  can we be held accountable for situations beyond our control? or is there a line that can be drawn…. because then if we are not responsible for our actions we cannot be praised for things we do e.g Scoring that winning goal, inventing new things etc, in addition we cannot be held accoutable for murder, raping, libel etc.

I want to hear your views so feel free to comment or take the poll.


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