Beyond soap opera. Refer to….

Wah! Two people,a couple,random, strangers to me and me to them but my biggest inspiration today. From observing these two it is obvious that they are… inseparable. They say ‘dont judge a book by its cover’ but these two must be the exception that proves that rule. They are a spectacle; one can tell just by observing them even without conversing.  One can see the chemistry between them,its the kind thing that influences your perspective on love and relationships. From a distance,you can almost feel the bond between them: and no words are necessary to see what they feel for each other. As you find out a few details about them you put the puzzle together and figure,their kind of love is on based on a special kind, Gods love:its sustained, rooted and nourished because God is the center of it. And as i guessed no matter what they go through they can do everything through Christ whose strengths them. I may not be aware of what it took them to get where they are,and the details of the challenges they go through but above and beyond all this, is that they have searched for God and found much more: the 1 Corinthians 13 Love. And that’s what makes them my biggest inspiration and spotlight for today.

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