Beats & Pisces… Something along those lines, Tee hee hee

I am very liberated today. Its one of those times when a good friend, good food and a good movie is enough to make you smile for hours. Little things that make a huge difference and make you realise how blessed you,so when the big things come you can be humbled enough to receive it with a big heart. Well enough with the mushy stuff(blame it on the movie the Last Song). As i mentioned before Firsts are Fantastic. Raw fish is tasty. Its not just my love for food. If you knew me you’d know i’m rarely adventurous, i play safe, i’m always within boundaries i even set them myself at times. Today, either the boundaries widened or went straight out the window. A very good friend of mine convinced me to go to a Sushi Bar so i did and i think i suprised myself because i went all out and tried raw fish… RAW FISH and i wasnt afraid and i loved it. A very liberating experience. It made me want to do that with many things in my life…not be afraid.
Now the Last Song was worth the watch. It was realistic,not the typical love story,it even had tragedy but it was realistic and it reminded me about time and events and that timing is very important,and its ok for things to take as much time as needed because at the end things happen in perfect time.

P.S. I dont know who my husband will be,but i know who i would wait to be with until perfect time.

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