… Y so Serious?

A Pinch and a Poke for the first day of the month 🙂

I heard a random superstition about August, i pray its just that…a superstition, So August is supposedly a Month of Deaths(God Forbid). Sure things have happened to bring this on but i learnt you can’t sit and wait for disasters to happen otherwise you may cause unnecessary worry since nothing bad may happen(now why so serious? Gosh, i love that line) or you prove The Secret to be true, better yet, refer to Big Bang Theory season 1 finale and apply Schrodinger’s cat theory as dear Sheldon did, so anyhow here’s something to lighten the mood!

“Life is like a toilet roll: hopefully long and useful but it always ends at the wrong moment”

Dont know who said it but its a worth a mention.
For the moment:
Live, Learn, Indulge and Share.

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