I Feel Genius :}

I have been on the hunt for the truth :$ as to why matatus can drive recklessly, carelessly and without regard for human life[Aha! I feel genius tee hee hee] since crossing roads has been a daily challenge that i have successfully overcame :)…seeing that im still alive.

Its a simple truth, it even stares you right in the face. See… Any vehicle not exceeding 4000 lb. Tareweight (are you staring blanky out of confusion yet? ) ohh thats any car thats not a matatu or van or bus ..etc has the engine and hence bumper at the front…Voila! So there you have it(guess matatus drivers arent so cool or hearless after all: the vehicle is the trick.) oh buses can do the trick too.

Disclaimer:However, this does not justify the scare they put us through, (i mean pedestrians through)… Always having to calculate just how close the vehicle is to your clothes or skin tsk tsk… At this rate crossing the road without injury has become a skill….and definetly not for the fainthearted or non-Nairobians.

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