your going to like this…. :)

Thanks to good radio…(thats become rare with all the song -repeating radio stations terrorising nairobi) Mafikizolo, an accomplished, and enertaining African 😉 music artist (keep up with the hints) happened to hit the airwaves and made my night that much interesting. His song ‘Ndihamba nawe’ was truly hitting it tonight and being the hopeless romantic you know me to be i happen to research the lyrics to give them more meaning, considering Zulu has never been my forte. Skimming through the sweet nothings spoken frivolousy, my eyes caught something …(lets call it unique) Makifizolo’s song being a duet has female and male verses addressing each other( ok got to admit that was sweet in a corny way but nonetheless sweet), lyrics are hence oriented to the gender being addressed. The male species being what they are(you can customise this part to suit your view of them) the male gives the female a not- so usual compliment..(i’ll quote word for word for effect) ‘ i love the way you gain weight just right’ now it doesnot get sweeter and more romantic than that…isnt it breath taking… Its a true mark of an African male(dont you just appreciate them?) now thats the type of line you can throw into a vow to compensate for a short direct expression of love if your not a man of many words.

(Hope you’ve been keeping up with the hint…heres where it comes together) Culture plays a huge role in molding societal behaviorism, Makifizolo just proved it. Its a beautiful thing to take pride in and embrace, and in this particular situation an example to be repeated and encouraged by other cultures, weight has for too long been negated, its time we take a new approach to it. The African male should be very appreciated so now the dreaded question’ do i look fat in this’? Can be an opportunity for serious confidence boost and ‘vybing session'(lol) and what woman doesnot want feel like they are beautiful? Marinate on that for now.


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