Irony: The Best Kind.

For a long period of time I hated writing. It was an obligation i wished to avoid especially academic pieces. Even when I began this blog,it was inspiration that instructed all my writing, so when there was no inspiration they would be no blog post. The goal of writing was always right and motivating but only to some extent.Ironically the one thing that i hated doing is what brings me great excitement and joy now. Obligation molded my premature writing to words of value that can now be used in the manner that they were intended for. I would not arrogantly consider my writing perfect but it has certainly improved.

Writing for the Minaret has been an eye-opening and enjoyable experience. Having people ruthlessly criticize my article has proved to a positive thing after all. It motivates me to get better and better and prove these people wrong. It has also been a humbling experience. To write for a college newspaper that is widely read by anyone and everyone is far from where I thought i would get -with my writing at least. To actually get a reaction from people to the extent that they critique my article and comment is an achievement in itself to me.

Poco a Poco as the Italians say, with each article comes an opportunity for critique,compliments and ultimately positive growth.

I never knew the Minaret could be just an interesting read. Now that I actually read every article i get to experience all the humor, wit, and skill of other Minaret writers.Plus its nice to meet all these hilarious, crazy fun writers and to hear of the random things they think about.


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