…..Just a thought

Fear; don��t fret

Fear originally in its Old English meaning, referred to an event. It somehow developed to become viewed as it is now, an emotion. Whoever said that the only thing to fear was fear itself had more insight to this than we give him/her credit for.

The fear that we refer to now is an emotion, connected with an emotional value that we place on something or someone. The possibility of losing that thing or being we value becomes described to be fear. Scientifically, there are two responses to fear, to take flight or fight it out.

When we value something and display fondness we define it through a term called Love. It comes down to this, we are afraid of losing something or someone we love, so we either fight to keep what we love or we push what we love away from us so we do not have to deal with its loss.

Questions that continue to linger in my mind are; why it is that when we love something or someone we can��t just enjoy the period of time we have it/them? Why does it have to come to when it will end? Why do we allow fear to complicate the situation?

These questions are yet to be answered but each day I get more insight on the situation and with understanding comes wisdom and eventually a solution that fits.

Considering that fear is based on future events, would it not make sense to simply enjoy every present moment we had with the object of our affection? And if we did then we wouldn��t have to worry about the future, and the whole concept of what might happen in the future, whether we shall still have it or not does not even come about and in turn, we live fearlessly. Once we take up this simple shift of perception, relationships seem less complicated, love seems to be very simple and fear no longer becomes a factor.

The only problem is that some things are easy to say but when you find yourself in that situation, its feels like you are in a different ball game all of a sudden. Once emotions come into play, all logic seems to be lost and human instinct takes over. Sure, this is true and realistic, but an easier way to handle it, practically is just to live and let live and let whatever will be to just be.

The only thing to fear is in fact fear; the event itself.

….Just a thought

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