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Fear; don��t fret

Fear originally in its Old English meaning, referred to an event. It somehow developed to become viewed as it is now, an emotion. Whoever said that the only thing to fear was fear itself had more insight to this than we give him/her credit for.

The fear that we refer to now is an emotion, connected with an emotional value that we place on something or someone. The possibility of losing that thing or being we value becomes described to be fear. Scientifically, there are two responses to fear, to take flight or fight it out.

When we value something and display fondness we define it through a term called Love. It comes down to this, we are afraid of losing something or someone we love, so we either fight to keep what we love or we push what we love away from us so we do not have to deal with its loss.

Questions that continue to linger in my mind are; why it is that when we love something or someone we can��t just enjoy the period of time we have it/them? Why does it have to come to when it will end? Why do we allow fear to complicate the situation?

These questions are yet to be answered but each day I get more insight on the situation and with understanding comes wisdom and eventually a solution that fits.

Considering that fear is based on future events, would it not make sense to simply enjoy every present moment we had with the object of our affection? And if we did then we wouldn��t have to worry about the future, and the whole concept of what might happen in the future, whether we shall still have it or not does not even come about and in turn, we live fearlessly. Once we take up this simple shift of perception, relationships seem less complicated, love seems to be very simple and fear no longer becomes a factor.

The only problem is that some things are easy to say but when you find yourself in that situation, its feels like you are in a different ball game all of a sudden. Once emotions come into play, all logic seems to be lost and human instinct takes over. Sure, this is true and realistic, but an easier way to handle it, practically is just to live and let live and let whatever will be to just be.

The only thing to fear is in fact fear; the event itself.

….Just a thought


Mardd Creativity

This is so beautiful. Just had to share it.

Irony: The Best Kind.

For a long period of time I hated writing. It was an obligation i wished to avoid especially academic pieces. Even when I began this blog,it was inspiration that instructed all my writing, so when there was no inspiration they would be no blog post. The goal of writing was always right and motivating but only to some extent.Ironically the one thing that i hated doing is what brings me great excitement and joy now. Obligation molded my premature writing to words of value that can now be used in the manner that they were intended for. I would not arrogantly consider my writing perfect but it has certainly improved.

Writing for the Minaret has been an eye-opening and enjoyable experience. Having people ruthlessly criticize my article has proved to a positive thing after all. It motivates me to get better and better and prove these people wrong. It has also been a humbling experience. To write for a college newspaper that is widely read by anyone and everyone is far from where I thought i would get -with my writing at least. To actually get a reaction from people to the extent that they critique my article and comment is an achievement in itself to me.

Poco a Poco as the Italians say, with each article comes an opportunity for critique,compliments and ultimately positive growth.

I never knew the Minaret could be just an interesting read. Now that I actually read every article i get to experience all the humor, wit, and skill of other Minaret writers.Plus its nice to meet all these hilarious, crazy fun writers and to hear of the random things they think about.


My Blog feels so foreign to me. I haven’t been writing here because I’ve been writing here :


Feel free to browse the interesting, catchy topics offered by a college newspaper, for your entertainment and reading pleasure. You will enjoy it just as much, get an insight to college life and a snippet of the amusing lives of those who write it, and those who make the headlines. Don’t be shy.. Indulge 🙂

As much as I enjoy structured writing and the opportunities it provides to widen the breath of topics I write about, I do miss writing ingenuously, so my blog remains as my retreat; a place of my own to voice thoughts randomly and spontaneously.

For now i must rise to the challenge and better my rhetorical skills.

If you will, take the journey with me.


A Picture can tell of a thousand tales

This piece is credited to a Roberta Murray. A pictoralist photographer. The above piece is an interpretation of hers themed towards Reality, Truth and Freedom.

Today I am appreciating art and diversity, and how people have different interpretations of the same thing.


your going to like this…. :)

Thanks to good radio…(thats become rare with all the song -repeating radio stations terrorising nairobi) Mafikizolo, an accomplished, and enertaining African 😉 music artist (keep up with the hints) happened to hit the airwaves and made my night that much interesting. His song ‘Ndihamba nawe’ was truly hitting it tonight and being the hopeless romantic you know me to be i happen to research the lyrics to give them more meaning, considering Zulu has never been my forte. Skimming through the sweet nothings spoken frivolousy, my eyes caught something …(lets call it unique) Makifizolo’s song being a duet has female and male verses addressing each other( ok got to admit that was sweet in a corny way but nonetheless sweet), lyrics are hence oriented to the gender being addressed. The male species being what they are(you can customise this part to suit your view of them) the male gives the female a not- so usual compliment..(i’ll quote word for word for effect) ‘ i love the way you gain weight just right’ now it doesnot get sweeter and more romantic than that…isnt it breath taking… Its a true mark of an African male(dont you just appreciate them?) now thats the type of line you can throw into a vow to compensate for a short direct expression of love if your not a man of many words.

(Hope you’ve been keeping up with the hint…heres where it comes together) Culture plays a huge role in molding societal behaviorism, Makifizolo just proved it. Its a beautiful thing to take pride in and embrace, and in this particular situation an example to be repeated and encouraged by other cultures, weight has for too long been negated, its time we take a new approach to it. The African male should be very appreciated so now the dreaded question’ do i look fat in this’? Can be an opportunity for serious confidence boost and ‘vybing session'(lol) and what woman doesnot want feel like they are beautiful? Marinate on that for now.


I Feel Genius :}

I have been on the hunt for the truth :$ as to why matatus can drive recklessly, carelessly and without regard for human life[Aha! I feel genius tee hee hee] since crossing roads has been a daily challenge that i have successfully overcame :)…seeing that im still alive.

Its a simple truth, it even stares you right in the face. See… Any vehicle not exceeding 4000 lb. Tareweight (are you staring blanky out of confusion yet? ) ohh thats any car thats not a matatu or van or bus ..etc has the engine and hence bumper at the front…Voila! So there you have it(guess matatus drivers arent so cool or hearless after all: the vehicle is the trick.) oh buses can do the trick too.

Disclaimer:However, this does not justify the scare they put us through, (i mean pedestrians through)… Always having to calculate just how close the vehicle is to your clothes or skin tsk tsk… At this rate crossing the road without injury has become a skill….and definetly not for the fainthearted or non-Nairobians.